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Well this is my first blog post on my new website!,Crikey it takes a long time to put it together, even with a system as idiot-proof as Wix. It's very simple but VERY time consuming! Anyway, it's up at last and to celebrate I thought I'd add a link to a little film we made a few weeks ago - It's called Blanket and it's a music video for a song called Blanket of Snow written and performed by Paul under the name Ma Bain (whole album coming soon). The film was shot by Chris Jones and edited by me - it was a little bit thrown together as we were supposed to shoot at Castle Drogo. Unfortunately the weather was so awful they had to close it down so we had to improvise something in our village hall. It's a bit meandering and winsome but it's also rather beautiful and mesmerising too - take a look...

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