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Painting, painting, painting...

Now that I have actually managed to start some new work, I am thrilled to report I have FINALLY, after years of faffing about, started to work with oils. For those of you who have used oil paints you will know they are not for the fainthearted. They don't dry for starters, so unlike acrylic you can't just paint over something immediately if you don't like it. You have to 'move' the paint around, which. if you get it wrong, can result in a lot of mud coloured spludge. They are though, in my opinion, just amazing, and I am slowly but surely getting to grips with them.

I started off with a number of 'still life' paintings which I was calling my GCSE project, as it really did feel like I was having to go back to basics, but I'm starting to move on to more ambitious subject matter now.

Here are a few wee #WorksInProgress....

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