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What a strange time it's been. For the first couple of months of Lockdown I was absolutely stymied when it came to getting on with work. I spent ages mending old clothes, replacing zips, dying sofa covers, sorting out cupboards, making lists - anything to avoid actually getting on with some new work - it was like this gift of time with no distractions was just too much for me. So used to scratching out little moments of opportunity, this sudden freedom to do what I wanted was too much for my pea brain.

I started to spend time on Instagram, looking at what other artists were up to in the hope of finding inspiration, and I came across the #ArtistSupportPledge. Set up by @MatthewBurrowsStudio in an attempt to alleviate some of the stress for artists losing all their work due to of Covid-19. The idea is that artists post photos of work they have for sale up to the value of £200. Once they have reached £1000 in sales, they pledge to buy work from another artist/artists up to the value of £200. Simple and wonderful.

I have put hp some prints and ceramic sculpture and have had lots of sales and lovely feedback and this has given me the impetus to get on with some new work which is a great relief. It has also enable me to buy a few pieces of work from other artists too which is the absolute cherry on the cake...

Here's the edition of a little print called 'THREE DRESSES', some are sold and some are still available so be sure to get in touch if this print or any other piece of work catches your eye! And be sure and follow me on Instagram to see up to the minute posts.

Three Dresses - variable edition of a drypoint etching

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